Being afraid of criticsm

Most Bloggers are nervous anticipating the feedback they are afraid they will be criticized this is some thing that can hold back a lot of bloggers from succeeding the idea of being criticized publicly can be too overwhelming for some even to start blogging or even if they do they do it under a pseudoynm or without revealing too much infromation about themselves in the about us section there will always be poeple who are quick to judge you will always come across people who spread negativity online hiding behind their social profiles as a blogger there is not much you can do about that what can you do is stop being afraid yes a certain part of those providing feedback will be criticizing you and your content however try to listen to this criticsm not all of the negative comments are those spread by haters consider that the person criticizing you might have a point it might help you redefine feed back will be good for you and we also know this is the best option for you and me or you can us how we can forget that do not you think that this is not good like how would it would be good when the person you love took you as a joke

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