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so i want to write this blog over my experiences in life like hotter, Netflix and amazon prime i have watch penalty of tv shows on these platform like riverdale, agents of shield , iron fist , dynasty, four shorts please , insider edge, game of thrones, the vampire diaries , the original , the legacies and i think the handsome amount of time i had wasted on these tv shows if I have saved them and invest in something else i would have done a good thing for my me and myself but like every other fool in this world i didn’t think of that and just watch the tv show like hell and get addicted with them cant think of anything rather being myself as archie or ramjet or maybe Danny, though agent consul was a good great guy with a nice transplant new brain in this head like coconut into lime soda yeah that doesn’t make much sound but who cares i did it sounds like shit but taste most worse than this trust me i am not happy for things i have done in these couples of month like sleeping whole day like a baby and sleep until my head hurts i dont want myself or my head to hurt cause that creates tension i dont and tension lead to happniss i dont know what to do like drop cap or settings in memu you are still wondering in this world what we do how we do and dodo i know you can hear this though you wanna dance now like uncle far far uncle trump and a nice fat man with idk like whatsapp yo yo group remember that i type alot aint i yet god save me from people like you really are a toxic person to the world why are you so toxic have you done something regarding to this cause you should have a phd in being toxic like my freind jhon such a toxic person and rich little brat i gate his house

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