this will lead to absolute chaos on your blog one day you might have an article about blog the other about fit gear and the next one you might end up with giving tips on how to get organised the main question you should ask yourself is what kind of a goal you want to achieve with this kind of content what kind of visitors being a blog and vlog is not the only trap that what is who and how and want to see the catch like to do you hope and social media can but it will probably have on you . you well you see all it will be to this from to you explore online from day once and as you grow and your that is a start as you grow your and you will use other channels to share your content this kind of will help you the reach of your content and thus help you with achieving your goals and most bloggger then can help them with that is a email marketing and this is why it is essential to start a list from day one like to do what and gave and have it to you

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