Creating A Mailing List

most bloggers look for ways to monazite their blog one of the most profitable strategies that can help them with that is email marketing this is why it is essential to start creating a mailing list from day one some bloggers believe that they first need to have a strong influence and reputation before they can start collecting emails from their audience this not true and this kind of thinking can only cause a massive amount of traffic to go by without any benefits the first step is adding a subscribe button to your website along with this try to create a regular schedule for your newsletter and offer exclusive content sent in emails as a way to motivate visitors to subscribe the second strategy that is also very effective is having lead magnets on your blog pages these are usually featured in the blog post as an offer for the reader a lead magnet is something the readers will benefit from something they will see valuable enough to leave their email address to make out of your mailing list explore the opportunities of email marketing create engaging campaigns and newsletters and segment your subscribers to increase the performance of your email

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