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We’ve found ourselves in something of a pickle this month. While we’re ecstatic to be pulling out the fall items we’ve dutifully stored until the weather turned just right, we’re also not entirely ready to let go of our favorite summer staples. With that in mind, we looked to some of the top fashion bloggers around to learn how these stylish ladies are transitioning their wardrobes for fall.

One item in particular caught our eye: the jean jacket. Granted, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but denim continues to be a fixture in our wardrobe throughout the seasons and transforms itself season to season. Unexpected treatments such as patchworking and patterns help to instill a fresher perspective on this trustworthy get-up.

Want to emulate killer blogger style? Experiment with a comfortable version of the Canadian tuxedo or pair a buttoned-up blouse underneath a trim denim jacket with patterned pants. Read on to pick up more outfit inspiration from these cutting-edge bloggers.

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