Engage Through Social Network

social net work it is some thing we do not know properly but we should about it more deeply cause it gonna help us when we need it and it is gonna be fun and enjoy you find like it you did not know about social media totally cause it feel like a new thing in the world and i have to think about what i gonna be in my life cause it is mess up right now i do not have a aim and every one need a aim cause with out it is life is not good more like worth less which we do not want this happens with any one do not we want this social you can increase traffic to your blog start by sharing your blog posts on social media accounts you manage each social media post should have text added to it as well as an image or a video these will help you engage with your user help and encourage them to click on the link to read the full article which they can find on your blog unlike search engines where you are likely to reach users who look for specific term that take them to yout content social networks help with reaching users without them initating the search while organic reach on social media has it is limitations and sometimes even those who follow you might not receive your status updates in their news feed paid to reach on social media can always be used as an alternative with advanced trageting options and engaging CTAs ( Cat = Call to action) boosting the reach of your status updates through paid and fade campagins and i do want to enter in that want to show the world that it is good like good food which keep you think staright and eat while i am gone i do not like this i can wait and hope it will over

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