Finally, you need to monitor and evaluate the performance of your blog despite the fact blogging is a strategy used by many grabbing with numerous studies proving its efficiency sometimes blogging might not bring results you expect perhaps your goals were too ambitious, to begin with, so you consistently fail at achieving them perhaps the content might not be performing well or you have problems with content promotions

even if you are successful at completing your goals and uou see benefits from blogging evaluation of your approach to blogging is still a good way to find out how can improve this startegy further

when evaluating the performance go blogging as your business you should focus on several aspects

1.) compare the metrics (achieved VS planned )

2.) Analyse the performance of a particular type of the content ( is there any types of content that perfoms exceptionally well? can you identify content that has the worst results regarding user engagement , social shares , click – through , rates, etc.? )

3.) determine the vindicating I was sorry before but now I am vindicating about that what the hell you think you can do to me like seriously I don’t know why are you being so preposterous about that you are such a sick personality I saw in my life I don’t like this at all do you hear me now get lost and get back to your dumb ridiculously friend and be sad whole your life with her you both deserve each other well better than anyone of in the world i hate this very much I hate myself i hate that you were my first everything you ruin it for me and everything that i could dream of i hate myself so much that i wanna burn myself alive peel my skin off like a piece of apple hates full in my dream in my arms i hate to see like this about myself that i still cry over for you like a lioness cry for her cub after they die and have a tremendous amount of sadness god

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