forgetting about the importance of interlinking

inter linking is the process of making links with in your blog inter link connect two pages of the same blog unlike in bound links also referred to be as back links which come from external resources these links originate on your blog and take the visitors to other pieces of content on your blog there are two principal reasons to include inter linking in your blogging activity firstly there is that SEO aspect search engines discover new pages unless there is a link to a specific blog page it would be impossible for the search engines to find it additionally when you feature a link you can optimize the anchor text avoid using phrases like “click here” or ” this article”. instead use the anchor text that describes the content of the pages you are linking to ideally, it should also include a keyword relevant to the linking page the second aspect that benefits from interlinking is the user experience with relevant inter links you advertise more of your content to the blog visitors encouraging them to spend more time on your blog browsing through the exist content this might be difficult to do when starting out and when you literally have a hand full of blog posts but as you increase the amount of content go back to the old articles and include an inter links with a new article and vice versa each new blog post should link to one or several older ones an alter native could be a side bar menu that features the latest or the most popular articles you could be a side bar use the feature related post which would show the related articles at the end of each article inviting the visitors to explore more content on your blog which is related to the topic they are reading about

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