Get to know your readers to create better content

when starting out will focus on the content you think your audience will find most helpful and most interesting as you start getting visitors you will get a chance to know them better which will enable you to create better content for you to succeed in this try using several methods ask your readers how useful that content is can it be applied to their business? to their life? etc these kind of questions are usually added at the end of the article start interaction with your readers in the comments section which is usually found below the article to find out their opinion conduct a survey asking questions that will help you get to know your readers send an email asking questions directly or asking them to participate in a survey annulus the statistics and detect the articles with the best statistics the highest conversion rate the longest session duration etc the content you create is designed for your readers and for that content to achieve the best performance it needs to be tailored to appeal to your audience by the results also this is a handy way to get some new ideas when you have trouble finding new topics to write about listening learning from target audience is never a bad thing the sidebar in the footer etc you can do it if you want like take example of the legend distant he did it he said he gonna make the richest one in the world and he did it without any help he had himself and trust of his only and he reach mountain of happniess and drop of shoes too and some tear starting he do not have much money to make but in the end he did it the way he said he would do and he did and shown the world he is the best

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