if you decide this is the strategy you wish to pursue if you want to invite a guest blogger to create content of your blog here is how it’s work start by identifying the influencers who would be a perfect match for your blog this means that they have to be able to offer content that is really relevant to your blog explore their influence in the online world and to which extent you can benefit from working with such influencers take into account number of social followers the number of blogs visitors the number of subscribers etc to assess how influential a blogger is and to compare several influencers inviting guest bloggers is usually a part of a particular campaign you want to set up goALS in terms of how many guest bloggers you want to accept more importantly you want to set up goals regarding the content they produce for example you define planned metrics about the post perfomance such as social media shares inbound links etc evaluating the post perfomance and comparing the planned metrcis is on the where we didnt know where but on the top of it I saw them but I didnt know what it was on the top carnal fasination i sold my buggati to i dont know who the hell hot star the reults is goinng help to your identify the guest of the wall i should take nemo with femo and thang bang with a fang kind a day way find out air with lit fit hit get air hair upto sky ksi is a damn fool to fight with logan oaul i start the fire in my aire and i am such a good guy with some low hair on head and i see that coming which is not suposed to do so couldnt figure out how to not to do so do tell me how i gonnna do that i can be author with so nice and tremndous writing skills i am love in with myself like glue you flue stick like a rose and fose and froze like death i wanna dead i am

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