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The way the jacket fits on the model is usually a good indicator on how it will fit on a customer of similar proportions and shape. There is the odd style where the correct size for the model wasn’t available; this has been indicated on the product information page.

 Other factors to consider are a lot of modern day clothing does contain elastane, these fabrics are woven and machine made. Consequently fabrics containing elastane offer an immediate stretch capability that enables a garment to auto adjust to fit an individual‘s shape. Therefore when dealing with a natural material such as leather it is important to consider that leather does not contain man-made elastane fibres. However Mother Nature has included a quality which means the leather will stretch slightly over time but this will not happen immediately.

Leather still has a luring factor because it is an extremely versatile material that will combine with a variety of fabrics, woven textures and colours in an aesthetically pleasing way which means it can be paired with almost anything found in the your wardrobe.

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