let’s talk about what about a girl and boy who was in never in love a girl was in some where we can not even imagine but i do not know what they or what people think of me and her i know this much that they are jealous son of daughter just like they think of father and mother and i do not want anything expcet some thing i really want to do something about and it is was a hell of ride and when she take the sink off and it is very dense like prepostrus about anything and in the end on the top of the world i will be there screaming things like i do not know why is this kind of thing happens and i really do not appricate and i will love to do what they told me to and i just wanna earn money and get rich and comeplet all my dreams can some give me iphone when i was a kid all i dreamt of is an iphone and i really want it badly cause i can not even think about anything except iphone and i really like iphone very much i am obssesd with it is a best thing in the world like it is very likely good and very good to flaunt and show that you are rich and i want to be

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