Publish Consistently

Consistency in publishing a blog is necessary to maintain your readership blogs now have the status newspapers once did they provide a daily dose of entertainment fun new latest updates industry news creative ideas etc if some one be come your regular visitor that person expects the blog to be regularly up date after all why would they visit again if it were not for new content most marketing experts agree that consistency in publishing is important but what they do not agree up on is the pace at which you should publish there is no official recommendation on an 1 where it is started that companies that publish more content 1+2=3 blog posts per month get more traffic (3.5) x more try to create and publish as frequently as you can how ever try to maintain a bit of predictability so the readers can expect your post for example if you go for one post a week choose a specific day when you publish and you know we can do that easy way but how can this happen oh i get it now i can not do like this here cause it is happen again i do not know what i gonna do with myself i need some strength to fiight with this bad thing happening out there in world and i am his and she is my mine maybe i am not sure but i want to go and see what it gonna take i do not want her to anybody love her like her self cause if she got someone like herself and i do not know what to do when i want this to happen i can not do this but i want to do and i will do like anything in this world to prevent that i want her to be happy not sad i can bear her smile but i can not bear her tears but i guess this is what i got when you love someone blindly and they do not love you back

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