why is vlogging popular

well let’s see easy to create – depending on the content idea and presenation videos can be quite easy to create especially live broadcastring vlogs and all you know i think if we compare vlog and blog they both are kind of same thing just like a tree have two stem they didn’t have so blog and vlog are not same did you hear me in this world from far away everybody is doing something in this world but you know who is not doing things right now is you and me readoing this am i look good on that date with that guy/girl we think too much isnt it like most people do i never get it why they think like this like why we do such things are we deaf no are we blind no than why we have to do things which we know we shouldn’t have done its so not good for us and the enivorment and kids yeah let’s talk about kids they are not good they cry alot why i dont know bro why they did cry alot we shouldnt have kid cause they distrub our and our loveones sleep but most importantly our sleep like bro sleep is life dont you think i think it is very important for us and we know how to do it dont we we know its just we are quite scared over that i dont know why are we like this all things in the world still we choose to fight i hate starks girl very much more than anything i hate in this world she is such a toxic person they kill direwerewolf like serioslut bro are you kiding me i want that they want that eveyone dont know what they want and sucks when someon wakes you up in the morning you hate dont u i want there are special provison for people who distrub us and didnt let us sleep

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